Sod Care

To ensure that your new sod grows properly, we recommend these steps:
  • 01

    Check Water Restrictions

    First, see the Southwest Florida Water Management District website for water restrictions in your area.

  • 02

    First Two Weeks

    For the first two weeks following installation, water twice daily for one hour each. An hour before and after sunrise is recommended for best results. Do not cut your lawn.

  • 03

    The Next Two Weeks

    For the third and fourth weeks after installation, water twice every other day. An hour before and after sunrise is preferable.

  • 04

    Audit Shady Areas

    In shade areas, reduce the water times from one hour to twenty minutes, but follow the same schedule.

  • 05

    Mow Your Lawn

    Two weeks after installation, mow your lawn to a length no less than 3 ½ inches. After the initial cut, you may continue to cut your lawn every two weeks.

  • 06

    Contact an Exterminator

    It is normal for your lawn to suffer from fungus, Chinch bugs, webworm, and other insects. For that reason, we recommend that you contract with a local pest control company that specializes in lawn extermination.

  • 07


    Once your sod takes root, it is crucial to maintain a fertilization schedule to keep your lawn healthy and green.

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