• 01

    Before Arrival

    Prior to the arrival of your sod, kill and remove any existing grass or weeds. Till your soil to a depth of 3-4 inches and remove any rocks or other debris. Rake smooth. A day two before you begin to lay your sod, lightly water the area.

  • 02

    Stagger Pieces

    Begin laying your sod along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or sidewalk. As you begin the next row, stagger the pieces (in the same way that bricks are laid on a house) so that the ends do not line up.

  • 03

    Prevent Weeds

    Lay the pieces together tightly without stretching to prevent weeds from sprouting in the joints.

  • 04

    Roll Surface

    When you have finished, roll the surface to reduce air beneath the sod.

  • 05

    Water Immediately

    Water your sod immediately. Irrigate often, keeping the soil beneath the sod moist but not saturated. Puddles should not form on top of the grass.

  • 06

    Contact Exterminator

    Follow our recommendations for watering and cutting, and contract with a local pest control company that specializes in lawn extermination.